180 Ministry Report

Thank you for your ministry and life that you are sharing with our church and community.  As we are growing its so important that we take time to communicate better and more often.

This form should be completed after each ministry event.  Any sensitive information will be kept confidential as your responses are only seen by you and Pastor.
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Section 1 - Ministry Leader Info

Section 2 - Care & Attendance

Please provide names for any new 1st time guests? Did you have the guest fill out a connect card?

Any specific needs of those in your ministry? (Prayer Items or Others)

Section 3 - Ministry Health

What Are You Praising God For In Your Ministry? What Good Things Are Happening?

What Issues/Challenges Do You Need Pastor To Be Aware Of, Or That You Need Help With?

Do You Have Everything You Need To Minister Effectively? (If No, please explain)

Do You Need A Meeting With Pastor To Discuss Anything? (if Yes, give brief summary and best time to call you)